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Tips to Sell your House Very Fast

Being able to close a deal within a span of 5 to 6 weeks the moment you place your house to sale, then that is a sign of a very good luck. To sell a house, you need more time to do it. The house you decided to sell will definitely stay for months in the market and will be stagnant there unless you decide to lower the price just to compensate the expenses you’ve made during the process.

In order to have the best deal and sell the property fast, hiring a real estate broker is one of the best ways. Selling your house through an expert is a good option to have the best option. Remember that a realtor should be at best in selling your house. There are still ways for you to sell your house that will only take a shorter period of time.
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Setting the Price

The most essential factor of selling your home is when it’s time for you to price it properly. But the agent oftentimes has mistaken the price by charging it very high. They assumed that making the price high will make the price manageable even if it needs to have a counter or after offer. One of the recommendations in setting a price is using the average rather than pricing it based on your desired net gain. Two of the most common basis of pricing is by knowing the latest selling price or the fair market value in your place. Just don’t set the price more than the average price you have in your place.

How to Prepare the Property

Make sure your property is presentable so that more buyers will be attracted. A survey conducted had shown that any home staging means faster selling. In order to make your house presentable, doing the needed repairs and arrangement are two important factors. Remember that the more presentable is the house, the higher is the percent of sale.

Clean Factor

You need to make sure that your home will have a “ready to move-in” look always. You must junk what are needed to be junk and perform a thorough house cleaning. An unpleasantly looking house will create disappointment from the buyer.


Offering incentive is always an effective tool in selling. So if the client requests for a lower price, you can give him or her alternate option of giving incentives. An effective incentive is by offering to handle to closing costs or by simply adding appliances in the package.

Alone time

Any potential buyer will need to take a brief tour in your home so you must always give that time to them.